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Gary J. Bassell, Ph.D.
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Gary J. Bassell, Ph.D. joined the faculty at Emory University School of Medicine in 2005, where he is now a Professor in the Departments of Cell Biology and Neurology. Dr. Bassellís laboratory is located in the Whitehead Biomedical Research Building. The laboratory has been studying mechanisms of mRNA trafficking and local protein synthesis in neurons, their function in axon guidance and synaptic plasticity, and dysfunction in fragile x syndrome and spinal muscular atrophy. Prior to moving Emory, Dr. Bassell was a member of the faculty at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology (1995-1998) and subsequently in the Department of Neuroscience and Rose Kennedy Center for Mental Retardation (1998-2005). Gary received his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he did thesis research in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Singer to investigate the association of mRNA with the cytoskeleton. Gary then went on to do postdoctoral research on the role of microtubules in neuronal mRNA transport working in the laboratory of Dr. Kenneth Kosik at the Center for Neurological Diseases of the Brigham and Womenís Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Bassell is a recipient of the Basal OíConnor Scholar Award from the March of Dimes Foundation, an Investigator Award from the Epilepsy Foundation of America, the Irma Hirschl Career Scientist Award and the Dana Foundation Award in Brain Imaging.
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