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Best Bamboo Paper Towels

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If you are finding the best Bamboo Paper towels, you are in the right place! Check out our article to find your answer.

As you might know, paper towels are an essential consumer product at every house. They are quite convenient and can be used in various ways such as cleaning your hands, kitchen cleaning, dish towel, and so on.Â

The introduction of bamboo product manufacturing has boosted the needs for more easy-to-use and sustainable solutions. Bamboo paper towels have become popular to customers, and there are various choices for you to choose. Today, we are going to share our best bamboo paper towels for you to consider. Let’s get started!

Kitchen+Home Bamboo Reusable Towels – Best Overall

The first option we want to mention is the bamboo reusable towel from Kitchen+Home. The towels stand out among other products thanks to its quality which is more durable and absorbent than normal paper towels.

Plus, they are made of organic bamboo material, and each roll has 29 perforated 11×22-inch lint bamboo sheets. With this size, a roll can replace sixty regular paper towel rolls and can fit in a paper towel dispenser as well.

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Another highlight of this product is that the bamboo sheets are reusable and washable to over 120 times before discarding, which is quite economical. You use them just like the way you use regular paper towels.

Besides, you will love this product as it’s quite soft for you to use for your skin. It can be said that we can use the bamboo towels anywhere we want.

With its excellent performance in meeting our demands in our life, we don’t have any complaint with these bamboo sheets from Kitchen+Home.


  • Durable and absorbent design
  • Towels washable and reusable
  • Save much money
  • Can be used for skin


  • None


We believe that you will not be dissatisfied with this option. You can use it for many purposes while saving much money rather than using paper towels.

AM Nolimit Trade Bamboo Towels – Best Bamboo Towels For Various Purposes

The next spot belongs to the AM Nolimit Trade Bamboo Towels. This option comes in a pack of 20 sheets; each of which can be washed in the cold water by hand. Plus, it can be reused 80-100 times. This means you can use one roll of these towels in 3-6 months. Wow, a nice way to cut down on family expense!

These bamboo sheets are also ideal for many situations such as floor spills, small spills, house cleaning, dusting, and so on. Another point we are impressed with these towels is that they are made of high-quality bamboo with no synthetic material addition.

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And just like the first option, the bamboo towels from Am Nolimit Trade are more absorbent than traditional paper towels. They can stay strong even when they get wet.

Nevertheless, these towels come with a quite uncomfortable smell. First-timers might be put off by that.


  • Save much money
  • Can be used for many situations
  • More absorbent than paper towels
  • Stay strong when getting wet


  • Have uncomfortable smell


If you have tried these towels and the smell is okay with you, you could consider this option due to various benefits it can bring to you.

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Paper Towels – Best Reusable Bamboo Towels

The Tree-Free Reusable Paper Towels is the next name that we want to consider. They are made of bamboo and sugarcane, which you know, are fast-growing trees, a perfect alternative to tree-based paper towels. This is really an eco-friendly product!

You will also love these recycled materials as they are quite sturdy and durable. Additionally, they are designed to provide superior absorbent ability, which is much better than the conventional paper towels.

You can rest assured that these reusable bamboo paper towels are hypoallergenic, BPA free, Lint-free, paraben free, fragrance free, which gives you unmatched excellence and full transparency.Â

Plus, this option comes in a pack of six 75-sheet rolls so that you could use it for a quite long time, saving much money.

There is the only drawback that we want to mention is that these sheets are not soft enough for you to use for your skin.


  • Durably and strong
  • Hypoallergenic, BPA free, Lint free, Paraben free
  • Save much money


  • Not soft enough


As we mentioned above, this is a perfect alternative for tree-based paper towels as it is made from bamboo and sugarcane, which can regrow again after 3-4 months.

Bamboo Paper Towels From Grow Your Pantry – Best Affordable Bamboo TowelsÂ

This is our last pick up – the Grow Your Pantry Bamboo Paper Towels. It comes in a set of 22 pieces. These sheets like most of the above products are sturdy, absorbent and soft. A notable point of this bamboo reusable paper towel is that it is made of viscose material, which cannot be torn easily.Â

It is safe to say when you use this kind of bamboo towels, you will hardly go back to using conventional paper towels.

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Moreover, to enhance customer experience, the manufacturer equips two storage bags, including dirty and clean bags for you to store your dirty and clean towels separately.Â

Plus, these sheets are reusable and washable, and you could use them for various purposes such as cleaning, covering the food for your pet, make-up removal, and so on.

And you know what, when these bamboo towels get dirty, you only need to throw them to your washing machine. They can dry fast and you could use them again and again.

With 20 sheets per roll, you can use them in up to 6 months, which saves money. What a good bang for your buck!

However, like the AM Nolimit Trade Bamboo Towels, this option also has an odd smell, which can cause discomfort for you.


  • Soft, absorbent, and strong
  • Cannot be torn easily
  • Come with two storage bags
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Can be used for various purpose
  • Save much money


  • Have an odd smell


This last name is another choice that you could consider. Not only does it meet most of your demands such as cleaning, make-up removal,.. but it also helps you save much money.

Final Thoughts

That’s all what we want to share today. We hope this article is helpful for you to find the best bamboo paper towels. Are you going to buy any product? If yes, we hope that you will be satisfied with it. If not, you could consider our top pick due to its notable features. We believe it will not let you down.

By the way, thank you for your reading!

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