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Technology has changed all the way how we store and backup data. Ten years ago, I used to copy photos and videos to floppy disks. Then, CDs and DVDs became more popular before USB drives were introduced. And now, I am turning into a photo stick for similar purposes.

For those who might not know, the stick very resembles the USB flash drive. Nonetheless, it is more functional. For instance, the photo stick will automatically detect and save and even remove all duplicate content. Thus, you can manage and organize photos and videos more quickly.

Check the best photo stick reviews below for more information.

JSL JDTDC Photo Stick Storage 128GB – Best for iPhone

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At a look, you can already figure out that the JSL JDTDC Photo Stick Storage 128GB is designed for iPhone or iPad.

And that is! The photo stick is guaranteed to be compatible with almost every Apple device, using a lighting port. The USB port is also available in case you need to connect the stick with computers or laptops.

With the USB port quality-certified by Apple, you can expect a high transmitting speed from 40MBs to 80MBs. Once plugged into your iPhone or iPad, the JSL JDTDC Photo Stick Storage 128GB will automatically find the photos and videos in different formats without Internet or Wifi connection. The storage capacity is 128GB – far spacious enough to hold up to 60,000 photos and 640 minutes of videos.

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The most exciting part is the JD Drive App – the software where all photos and videos are located. Normally, there is a pop-up notification to install the app when you connect the stick to the iPhone for the first time. Then, it will recognize duplicate contents before transferring photos and videos between your Apple devices and the stick.


  • Sleek and eye-catching design
  • Compatible with all iPhone and iPad version
  • Quick transmission of videos and photos
  • Large storage capacity
  • User-friendly app


  • Short lightning nib
  • No protective cover included

All in all, the JSL JDTDC Photo Stick Storage 128GB is well worth it for those who want to save Cloud storage space for other purposes. The 128GB means the stick works very fast on your iPhone/iPad. Not to mention, the compatible app is truly helpful.

Looffy Photo Stick 128GB External – Best Versatility

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On the one hand, Looffy Photo Stick 128GB External is a good alternative to the JSL JDTDC Photo Stick. It also features a lightning port and a large storage capacity of 128GB. On the other hand, we recommend this photo stick for computers or even Android devices, as well.

The reason is due to the excellent compatibility of this stick.

Accordingly, the Looffy Photo Stick comes with four ports: one lightning port for iPhone and iPad, one type-C port for Macbook, iPad Pro, another Micro-USB port for Android devices, and the other USB port for PC.

Similar to other best photo sticks on the list, the Looffy device supports a “LUV-Share” intelligent app to manage and backup your data in forms of files, videos, music, photos, etc. You can even directly share photos or videos to Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Another plus is the design. Although some might find it less attractive than the JSL JDTDC stick, we want to emphasize the durable body of this Looffy stick. The zinc alloy material is not prone to scratches and fingerprints. It is also not too hot even when transferring a large volume of data for hours. We also like the 360-degree rotation and pull-ring design that makes it easy to pull out the stick.


  • 4 versatile ports included
  • Durable and easy-to-use construction
  • Stable and fast data transmission


  • A bit bulky for iPhone
  • More space needed for computer

If you are looking for a versatile and durable photo stick, then Looffy Photo Stick fits all needs.

LUNANI Flash Drive 256GB Photostick – Best for Computer

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That the LUNANI Flash Drive 256GB Photostick has a huge storage capacity of 256GB makes it more ideal for computers rather than for the iPhone. It makes sense that those who work more frequently on a computer often need a higher capacity to save their data.

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The second point that the LUNANI stick is recommended for computers is the USB 3.0 port, coming along with the lightning port. With both, you can use this memory stick for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Android phones, PC, and laptop – except for the type-C devices.

Thirdly, remember to download the iOS software designed for this LUNANI drive. It helps backup all data with one click and directly save videos to the photo stick. Password and Touch ID are available to secure your information.


  • 256GB memory storage
  • USB 3.0 port included
  • Easy-to-use and safe app


  • Not for type-C devices
  • A bit slow transferring speed

In general, you hardly find any better photo stick than LUNANI Flash Drive 256GB Photostick when it comes to a 250GB drive with USB 3.0 and Apple lightning connector.

iOS Flash Drive for iPhone Photo Stick – Best Budget

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Although photo sticks are also not too expensive, it is still better to get a good but affordable one. Especially, when you use the photo stick occasionally. Then, we introduce the iOS Flash Drive for iPhone Photo Stick under your fingertips.

At its price category, this small device comes with many unexpected features.

First off, there are three connectors available, including Apple port, USB port, and Android one. It means you can connect this stick between various devices as wished.

Secondly, the 128BG flash disk gives extra space for a hundred files, videos, and photos.

Thirdly, the Y-Dish app is on the App Store to help you manage and transmit data from device to device much more easily.


  • Surprisingly pocket-friendly
  • Along with 3 port connectors
  • 128BG storage space
  • Compact for iPhone and other devices


  • Not fit with a phone case on
  • Not durable cover

The iOS Flash Drive for iPhone provides all you need for common data transmission, without the need to break a bank.


To sum up, you should always have a photo stick on your bed to transmit photos and videos between devices if needed. Above, we have provided you with 4 best photo stick reviews to help you choose one suitable.

If you still can’t make a choice, then we recommend the Looffy Photo Stick as the best choice in terms of price and quality. Though many find the design a bit bulky and outdated, you will change your mind when knowing its convenience and durability.

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