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Best Pink Gaming Keyboard in 2021

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After sourcing through many brands and feedback, we’ve shortlisted the top 4 best Pink Gaming Keyboards with our editors’ highest ratings.

Already interested in the title? Then you have found the right place delivering the best pink gaming keyboard reviews in 2021. Â

As you might know, most keyboards are totally or partly black. However, the need for bright-color gaming keyboards is increasing gradually. Pink is one incredibly common keyboard color chosen by gamers.Â

Not only for girls, but Pink is also a striking option for those who want to express their own personality by integrating unique themes into their gaming systems.

Among a sheer number of pink keyboards available on the market, you might feel a little confused. If you need help, scroll down to see our recommendations.


MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard – Best Overall

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The MOTOSPEED Professional Keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard covered with sweet pink color. The rainbow lighting is controllable thanks to the Rainbow Backlit Mechanical USB system.Â

This custom lighting system consists of 6 colors and 5 user-defined game modes. Besides, there are 14 lighting modes with different LED lighting effects. You will have a stunning backlit no matter what profile you choose.

Additionally, this model is perfect for gaming and typing. The Double-shot injection molded keycap delivers transparent letters and prevents the characters from fading.Â

Plus, the 87-key layout is a space-saving design providing more place on your desk. With individual switches, full keys anti-ghosting, and N-key rollover, all 87 keys respond immediately no matter how many buttons or how many times you press.Â

Besides, the mechanical gaming keyboard features red Outemu switches, which are extremely durable and super responsive. It features a 50-million keystroke with 5 times longer lifespan than that of rubber dome one. It’s quieter, it’s faster, and it’s more durable.Â

The MOTOSPEED keyboard is also plug-and-play owing to a wired USB insertion. You can bring it anywhere without worry about connection.Â

On the downside, this gaming keyboard doesn’t have a number pad. This could be a considerable minus for those who have the habit of using a separate numeric keypad.Â


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Double-Shot Suspension Keycaps for great illumination

Perfect rainbow backlightingÂ

Durable and super responsive key switches

Space-saving design

Convenient wired gaming keyboard


No number pad

Our Verdict

MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is an affordable option with red Outemu switches for great durability and responsiveness. It can fit in any using purposes and spaces effortlessly.Â

MageGee GK710 Wired Backlight Pink Keyboard and Pink Mouse – Best Combo

The MageGee GK710 keyboard and mouse combo is an ideal PC duo for office work and hardcore gaming sessions. The keyboard and the mouse share a light shade of pink and the wired USB plug & play feature. Therefore it’s flexible to use it anywhere without a driver.

71BUKp6CnGL. AC SL500

Besides, the wired gaming keyboard offers 7 single-color lighting modes. You can press Fn + Tab keystroke for a quick switch between them and Fn + Esc for adjusting brightness (increase/decrease/off). The light will turn off automatically after not using it for 10 minutes.Â

This backlit keyboard is also ergonomically designed to be a superb typing tool as well. It has a classic 104-key layout with 19 anti-ghosting keys and 10 multi-function keys. The multimedia buttons are instant access to the most used media software such as music, e-mail, volume, web browser, etc.

Let’s move on to the mouse. It comes in 7 colors, like the keyboard, and adjustable DPI. Each DPI level has its light indicator inside. For example, when typing, set the mouse at red (800 DPI) or green (1600 DPI). If you need more accuracy and speed to play games, raise it up to 2400 (blue) or 3200 (purple).

However, unlike the other 3 options in this list, the MageGee GK710 Keyboard edge is quite large and protrudes a lot. This might be a personal preference, but it makes the entire equipment look not so sleek in our opinions.Â



Convenient wired USB plug & play combo

Quick control over backlight modes

The mouse has light indicators for each level of DPI.


Not-so-neat look with thick borders

Our Verdict

The MageGee GK710 is a complete working duo for officers. The USB Wired Illuminated Keyboard features sturdy ABS construction and bright backlit LEDs. The mouse has greater sensitivity and tracking.

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard – Best Speed

The Razer Huntsman is a high-end gaming mechanical keyboard with premium quality that’s worth the hype. It has a signature quartz pink color and a matte, aluminum top frame, making the color look more outstanding and solid.Â

This model also owns some unique Razer features that made the company’s reputation. It features Razer’s latest optical switches technology that is proved to have a 30% shorter actuation gap than most 1.5 mm Legacy Mechanical switches.Â

Besides, the key switches use a light-based motion for light-speed key presses. This feature makes the keys extremely sensitive and responsive with a mechanical and satisfying feel while pressing. The keys also have a stabilizer bar for balanced and accurate keypresses.

61hDHQefW1L. AC SL500

Additionally, the Razer Chroma lighting provides various modes and led effects that go with every game. It supports up to 16.8 million colors on backlit gaming keys. The pulse lighting effect is very brilliant and can help to create an epic atmosphere.Â

Furthermore, the keyboard is unrivaled durable. It can last you through 100 million keystrokes. If you buy a Razer computer keyboard, you know you’re going to keep it for a long time.


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Integrity construction

Actuation at the speed of light

More consistent keypresses

Super durability supporting up to 100 million clicks


High price

Our Verdict

The quartz pink Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard offers one of the fastest key switches with Razer’s latest Opto-Mechanical technology with premium look and backlight. It deserves to become a pro streamer’s gaming tool.Â

K1 7 Colors LED Backlit Keyboard – Best Budget

The K1 Backlit Keyboard and Mouse let you experience a full gaming mechanical system with all of the amazing features mentioned above at a very reasonable price.Â

61DFucSwMzL. AC SL500

This 7-color LED backlit gaming keyboard offers reliable performance and strong compatibility. It goes well with Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, MAC, Linux, and other operating systems.

The mechanical keyboard keys provide medium resistance, satisfying click sound, and reliable tactile feedback for optimal gaming results and working experience.Â

Moreover, the curved keycaps allow your fingers to type in a more relaxed position. Along with the ergonomic design, they minimize hand fatigue. This also results in low noise while typing; therefore, this gaming keyboard is suitable for offices.Â

Besides, there are 12 multimedia function keys and 19 non-conflict keys for more convenient use. You can press these keys for fast access. Underneath the pink keyboard, you will have 7 choices for backlight: pink, blue, red, green, cyan, yellow, and white. These LEDs show up vividly and allow you to see the keycap’s pink color and alphabet more clearly.Â

Furthermore, the gaming mouse has an adjustable DPI button. The 6 levels of DPI fulfill the needs of various situations. You can choose with High DPI (2400/3200) to move the mouse faster and more accurately when playing games. It allows instant reactions, so the mouse can point exactly to anywhere on the screen.

Although the entire keyboard operates smoothly, some keys make rattling sounds sometimes. Thus, it might not be the right choice for offices that require extremely quiet.


Low cost

Low clicking noise

Wide compatibility

Comfortable typingÂ

Adjustable DPI for faster and accurate mouse action


Some keys can rattle.

Our Verdict

The curved keycaps of K1 7 Colors LED Backlit Keyboard provide comfortable typing, low noise for office, and fast response for gaming purposes. This is our recommendation for students as it not only helps you in studying context but also for after-school relaxation.

Final Thought

Overall, all of these best pink gaming keyboards above make gaming free and unimpeded. They also work well for typing and fit in workspaces.

The 4 options vary in budget, design, backlight, etc. so you can have a wide range of selection to consider. Hopefully, this article can help you make a better buying decision.

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