Best Spandex Projection Screens of 2021

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Are you seeking the best Spandex Projection Screen to enjoy home movie experience? Stay with us, and you will find the answer.

Obviously, sometimes you will want to stay at home for a relaxing night with a big movie screen, or want to enjoy a favorite flick when going outdoors. So which solution is for you? This must be a job for the DIY Spandex Projection Screen.

However, currently, there are a host of options out there on the market. Which one should you buy to fulfill your demands? Today, we are going to share our best spandex projection screens with detailed features. Are you tempted to know them? Let’s get the ball rolling!

120-inch Portable Spandex Projector Screen – Best Overall

Our first pick-up is the 120-inch Portable Spandex Projector Screen. It is a special four way “Brilliant Display†spandex stretch shape. This screen is quite amazing with great quality. It’s bright, and the fabric also feels great. Plus, it is particularly designed for both front or rear projection capability, which is quite convenient, right?

Moreover, the Spandex projector screen is more portable and lightweight than ceiling mount screens. And so, transportation will never be a pain in the neck.

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Moreover, there is no required permanent frame wall space like Goo Paint or Blackout cloth.Â

Along with that, you will love this product as it is easier and quicker than airblown inflatable displays, which require two people to install.Â

It is safe to say this acoustically transparent screen is a great display that you can experience watching movies in any play you want.Â

That said, this Screen is a little bit big for you to use indoors.


  • Rear and front projection capability
  • High quality spandex fabric
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Deliver great watching experience


  • Not for indoor uses


This is one of the best stretch projection screens for enjoying movies. We believe that it will not let you down.

P-Jing Anti-Crease Portable Projection – Best For Entertainment

Our runner-up is the P-Jing Anti-Crease Portable Projection, which will be your best friend as a new entertainment method. This is a 150 inch screen with a ratio of 16:9 and HD resolution.

With this display, you will not need to worry about the creases and wrinkles caused by the screen folding. All you have to do is hang it outdoors and indoors and invite your family and friends to share your happy time together.

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It is safe to say this P Jing projector screen is brighter than many of the other screens out there with smooth surface-enhancing image results. Well, we are really impressed with this high contrast screen, which makes everything much easier for us to enjoy movies. Besides, it is also great for sports games, music videos, photos, and games. A multi-tasks projector screen, right?

Another highlight of this option is that you can unfold it and mount it within a few minutes due to 12 finished grommets. They can be wall mounted by using included hooks or rope.

That said, it is not good for an outdoor environment like the first option. And it seems that the Screen’s material is not very durable.


  • Great for entertainment with 16:8 HD 150-inch display
  • Solve wrinkles and creases problems
  • Enhancing images results
  • Meet various purposes
  • Easy to set up


  • Not ideal for outdoors
  • Material is not durable


This is an ideal option for entertainment. With its truss covers, the P-Jing Anti-Crease Portable Projection can deliver great experience in home theater, playing games, videos, and so on.

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen – Best Multi-Task Projection Screen

The next spot belongs to the Mdbebbron 120-inch projector screen. This display made its way on our list thanks to various reasons. To begin with, it is widely applicable for purposes of office, home theater, education, and outdoor movies. To add to this, the Screen comes with a size of 120 inches and a 16:9 ratio, which is ideal for you to enjoy everything you want.


Plus, it comes with high absorbance and anti-crease materials. In particular, it is made of natural polyester fabric, which helps it become brighter and sharper than most projector screens. Besides, it is also smooth and thickened. You will not need to worry about wrinkles when crushed and folded.

Moreover, it is easy to install with ropes, hooks, nails, and brackets included. You can set it up within just a few minutes. Thanks to its portable design, you can take it anywhere you want.

That said, we found that in fact, its view quality is not as good as the above options. The quality images or video shown on the screen are not sharp enough to bring joyful watching experience.


  • Not worry about wrinkles and crease when folded
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable design to take anywhere
  • Brighter and sharper screen


  • View quality is not as good as the previous options


The Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen is a great display for you to experience home movies as well as outdoor entertainment.

VANKYO Indoor Outdoor Projection – Best Projection Screen With High Quality Materials

Our last pick up is the Vankyo Projector screen. The most notable point of this display is that it is made of special photosensitive materials, which prevent light scattering effecting. Plus, its visible angle is wide, which is ideal for you to experience movies, videos, and so on.


Besides, it is also portable and foldable with a free storage bag so that you can take it everywhere you want. Plus, this flat panel comes with high compatibility as well. Particularly, it is a simple wall-mounted projector display with a 100 inch size and a resolution of 16:9.

Another highlight is that it is anti-crease, thanks to flexible polyester materials. It will bring you a great viewing image.

Any cons? We have to say YES. We found that it is a little bit heavy for the included hooks to handle. Thus, it doesn’t hold up well.


  • Features special photosensitive materials
  • Portable and foldable design
  • High compatibility
  • Easy to set up


  • Heavy for included hooks


Well, this is another great projector screen that provides wide visible angle and photosensitive materials for sharp and clear viewing ability. You could consider this one in case you are not interested in the above products.

Final Thoughts

These are our best Spandex Projection Screens that we want to share with you today. These screens come with high resolution and large size, which will absolutely deliver a great experience.Â

Do you have any product in your mind? If yes, we hope that you will have a great time with it. If not, we recommend to you our first option – the 120-inch Portable Spandex Projector Screen. With it, you can have a great opportunity to experience movies, games, videos in high displaying quality.Â

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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